Totalizator Sportowy, owner of the LOTTO brand, is a state-owned company, which has operated continuously in the domestic lottery market for 60 years. It has a network more than 16 000 points of sale working in the online system. The company is one of the most important pillars of financing Polish sport and culture.

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The company was created to collect funds for financing renovation and construction of sports infrasctructure and  facilities. Later the tasks of Totalizator Sportowy included also financing the broadly understood national culture. Today the company is one of the most important pillars supporting these two areas of social life. Every year, thanks LOTTO players, it allocates to sport and culture hundreds of millions of zloty.


The Mission: Further increasing of the funds transferred to the society and to fulfillment of dreams of customers by developing services in the field of entertainment, including games, lotteries and betting at the highest standards of social responsibility.

Vision: To be a leader on the Polish market, that provides players with an easy access to a wide range of innovative services in the field of entertainment, which creates unique opportunities of development for its employees, and is a reliable business partner.