Supervisory board

Cezariusz Lesisz   – Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Wojciech Śliż – Supervisory Board Deputy Chairman

Seweryn Szawrocki - Supervisory Board Member

Stanisław Grabiec   – Supervisory Board Member
Graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Computer Science and Econometrics at the University of Warsaw. Deputy Director of the Department of Operations and Central System Management. In Totalizator Sportowy since 2009. In the Supervisory Board – a representative of Employees.

Edward Sidoruk   - Member of the Supervisory Board
Graduate from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin (Faculty of Economics) and from the School of Economics in Warsaw (postgraduate studies in Management, Marketing and Finance). For 28 years in the management staff in Totalizator Sportowy. A member of  supervisory boards of  multiple commercial law companies. A representative of employees.

Managment Board

Olgierd Cieślik - Chairman of the Managment Board

Magdalena Kopka-Wojciechowska - Management Board Member

Grzegorz Sołtysiński - Management Board Member

Bogdan Pukowiec - Management Board Member