Everything starts with a dream

lottoPlay for big money and make your dreams come true. Lotto makes someone a new millionaire every week, on average. Lotto, the most popular game of chance in Poland. Just pick any 6 out of 49 numbers, or you can have your numbers chosen for you at random. The prize for matching all six ranges from two million up to tens of millions of zlotys. Draws are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

If you want to increase your chances to win big, play Lotto Plus. Just tell your ticket seller or check the box on your ticket. Your Lotto numbers will be entered in another draw for a million zlotys. You get an extra chance to win for only 1 zloty!

Try Multi Multi

Thmulti_multiis game has many ways to win. You choose your own. First, decide how much you would like to win. Then decide how many of the 80 numbers to choose. Decide how many times you would like to multiply your winnings. Choose the Plus option if you would like to increase your winnings even further. You can win from 2 zlotys up to 25 million zlotys. There are daily draws at 14:00 and 21:40.

Fun and thrilling

zdrapkiIt only takes a moment to give yourself a chance at luck. And you will find out if you won right away. Whenever you have the urge, or if you think Fate is in your corner, just grab a scratch ticket -- there are plenty to choose from. You could win up to 100,000 zlotys. On average, one in four tickets is a winner. You can play whenever you want - it is up to you!

Discover how easy it is to win

kaskadaPlay and see for yourself how easy it is to win! You get two sets of 12 numbers selected at random from a total of 24 numbers. To win, you just need to match 8 numbers in one of the sets. Match all 12 and you win a quarter of million zlotys. There are draws every day.

Spend a little, win a lot - up to few hundreds zlotys in prizes

Logo_miniLotto_rgbMini Lotto is a simple game at a minimal cost, but it gives you a chance to win around 300,000 zlotys. You simply choose 5 of 42 numbers, or you can play numbers selected at random. There are draws from Monday till Sunday.

A chance to win every five minutes

kenoDo you have a free moment? Perhaps it will be the happiest moment of your life. Choose from 1 to 10 numbers out of 70 and watch the draw on a screen at the sales point. Keno gives you a chance to win up to a million zlotys. There are draws every 5 minutes.

Beautiful life with Ekstra Pensja

epEkstra Pensja (Extra Salary) is a new game with a unique prize in the form of monthly payments for 20 years. You can win even when you match only 2 of 35 numbers, but matching 5 of 35 and 1 of 4 gives you the jackpot - Extra Salary of 5000 PLN per month for 20 years! Draws are held on Wednesdays and Sundays.