According to the sources - the functioning of the lottery as a state monopoly began in 1786, and by the Act of 1 September 1786 the State Treasury took over the lottery, created the lottery administration and secured funds. The State exclusivity to organize lottery games was confirmed by the Act of 15.6.1787. The lottery's fate changed over the years, along with the history of Poland.

Establishing resolutions and orders - which is what happened in the mid-fifties of the last century ...

  • December 17, 1955. By the Resolution of the Government (No 1010/55) an institution was founded, the income of which was to be destined to construction and renovation of sport facilities and equipment.
  • On 25 January 1956, by the Order No 7 of the President of the Main Committee of the Physical Culture, the state-owned company of Totalizator Sportowy initiated its activity. A year later the organizational structure of the company covered 17 regional offices together their subordinated sales points.

The first lottery outlet was created in Warsaw on the corner of the streets Marszalkowska and Wspólna.