In 2009, we summarized our activities up to that point, including both those that were purely business-related and those that had a broader social purpose. At the time, we also developed an action plan for the future. We did this in order to create a solid basis for the preparation of long-term, well-thought-out activities for social investment and to offer our clients safe products of world-class quality.

The Code of Good Practices provides a set of values and ethical guidelines for our daily activities. As part of our main project in the area of corporate social responsibility, called "Responsible Gaming" we educate our employees and sales staff about social responsibility. We have also been working on dialogue with our partners.

Dialogue with stakeholders

Our stakeholders are all those individuals and groups that we influence through our business activities, as well as those who have an impact on how our company operates. Taking their needs and expectations into account, we can build relationships with our partners and successfully identify our management goals.